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Dutch London Oldtimer Taxi News by Hans Dooren

Mondriaan is a famous Dutch painter; a surprising influence of his ‘metier’.

Influenced by Mondriaan and the end result as shown above. An artistic result by our son Leo Dooren.(Auto Didact)
His comment “I dropped some paint on my shoes”.

By the way, the Mondriaan paintings were presented in musea in Brazil and presently on return to
The Hague in The Netherlands.

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Look at life! TAXI! TAXI! LONDON TAXI SCENES in 1960

Click on picture.

IF need be:- copy & paste the link, sit back and enjoy the cab world. Have a good time.

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We passed the 35,000 viewers; a great achievement, not possible without your interest. Thank you all..

We passed the 35,000 viewers; a great achievement, not possible without your interest. Thank you all..

Its great when you work on something and it turns out that visitors of the (private)Weblog come back to view.

A few figures I can show, such as

Best views in one month was 985 views.

Best average views on one day 33 views.

Best views in recent weeks was 51 views.

Total views on 15 January 2017, was 35,000 views(+4)

I thank our visitors/viewers, and Thomas Dik who supports me technically and tries to reduce calamities as much as possible.

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My last Waalwijk in 2015. After 12 yrs. organizing, no invitation in 2016. Adieu!

My last Waalwijk in 2015. After 12 yrs. organizing, no invitation in 2016. Adieu!


Picture by Leo Dooren
June 28, 2015 ·

British Autojumble Waalwijk
Met Kari, Pa Hans en Ma Hetty voor onze Black Cab. Was gezellig en mooi te zien hoe enthousiast men (mn Pa) is om deze iconen in stand te houden.

A few EU visitors are not on the group- picture as they were walking over the Auto Jumble grounds.

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Amazing. London Taxi (AUSTIN)references on Facebook.

North American Orphan Austin Cars Society (Public Group) Very surprising and World-Wide orientated.

Carbodies. London Taxis International, LTI Vehicles, The London Taxi Co. (Public Group)

Friends who like London Vintage Taxi Association (Closed, but should read Public Group)

Austin FX3 Taxi (Closed Group by Drew Fidoe)

Petrol Heads (Secret Group by Gregor Neil Robertson)

London Taxis. (Closed Group)

London Vintage Taxi Association. (Closed Group, members only)

Taxi Times Past and Present UK. (Closed Group)

Enthusiasts of British Motor Vehicles built before 1985. (Closed Group)

Checker Cab Club ®

N.B.:- If you meet more such sites- do tell me, please and I will add them.(

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Handbook – FX4S DRIVER’S HANDBOOK – (From my archive)

FX4S DRIVER’S HANDBOOK by London Taxis International –
TAXI and Hire Car – Contains information on FX4S models fitted with Land Rover 2.5 Ltr. Diesel and Petrol engines.
Publication Part No. LTISS340 0986, published 1986















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FX3 and its details

2010-12-09, FX3 (18) 2010-12-09, FX3 (17) 2010-12-09, FX3 (16) 2010-12-09, FX3 (15) 2010-12-09, FX3 (14) 2010-12-09, FX3 (13) 2010-12-09, FX3 (12) 2010-12-09, FX3 (11) 2010-12-09, FX3 (10) 2010-12-09, FX3 (9) 2010-12-09, FX3 (8) 2010-12-09, FX3 (7) 2010-12-09, FX3 (6) 2010-12-09, FX3 (5) 2010-12-09, FX3 (4) 2010-12-09, FX3 (3) 2010-12-09, FX3 (2)

FX3 Petrol and its details

FX3 Petrol, possibly to be found in the USA? Who knows the identity of the owner?

P.S. the pictures were not ‘taken’ by me (Hans Dooren) but the system recorded this.


You recently posted images of this FX3 on the LVTA site and although I have no idea who owns this cab at this moment, there are pieces of information which maybe of interest.
The interior has been retrimmed “recently”. The roof rail is not original. The rails offered by Mann & Overton as PCO approved accessories, were of a totally different design. It is possible that the rail is actually from a Beardmore Mk VII, although whilst the construction appears to be the same, I shall have to check some very old photos to be sure.
With reference to ownership, this cab was offered for sale in t...
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Copy & paste to view.

An interesting French site with lots of addresses, parts as well.

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Brochure – LTI FX4S – The Purpose Built Taxi – Mann & Overton London – (From my archive)













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Under The Arches At Three Colts Lane (Ed.:- from ‘Spitalfields Life’ – by the gentle author) Great reading. Pictures taken by Sarah Ainsley, Photographer


















I read this article and it is soo much as Hetty and I captured when being there (at several visits) that I felt to make you part of this well-written article about a special London taxi(cab) area in London.

With their consent, the text is by The Gentle Author and the pictures by photographer Sarah Ainslie.

Situated midway between Spitalfields and Bethnal Green lies Three Colts Lane. Although many years have passed since there were colts here, today there are many other attractions to make this a compelling destination, especially if you are having problems with your car – because Three Colts Lane is where all the motor repair garages are to be found, gathered together in dozens and snuggled up close together in ramshackle order...

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Another low loader here in the States! (Source: Patrick T. Sanchez and Drew Fidoe) .

1931 Austin 12/4 low loader rear convertible
(link can be opened by copy & paste); however, pictures are to be seen below

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This the whole article on the 1968 cab. On the third page is a letter signed by Dan Tessler who was the Civil head of the Hack Bureau (now the TLC). Back in 1968 I had drove his dad who was a Judge. I wonder if any body in the New York area can find if the TLC has archived the Hack Bureau details of types of vehicles allowed to taxis in NYC(Source: Stanley Roth)

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